Enabling Real-Time Adaptivity in MOOCs with a Personalized Next-Step Recommendation Framework

Pardos, Z., Tang, S., Davis, D. Le, C.V.

· ACM Learning at Scale (L@S) 2017

Cambridge, MA, USA (April 2017)

Follow the Successful Crowd: Raising MOOC Completion Rates through Social Comparison at Scale

Davis, D. Jivet, I., Kizilcec, R.F., Chen, G., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J. 

· International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) 2017 [Pre-print]

Vancouver, BC, Canada (March 2017)

Buying Time: Enabling Learners to become Earners with a Real-World Paid Task Recommender System

Chen, G., Davis, D., Krause, M., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) 2017

Vancouver, BC, Canada (March 2017)

Workshop on Integrated Learning Analytics of MOOC Post-Course Development

Wang, Y., Davis, D., Chen, G., Paquette, L. 

· Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference 2017 [Workshop

Vancouver, BC, Canada (March 2017)

Can Learners be Earners? Investigating a Design to Enable MOOC Learners to Apply their Skills and Earn Money in an Online Market Place

Chen, G., Davis, D., Krause, M., Aivaloglou, E., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies Journal [Pre-print]


Retrieval Practice and Study Planning in MOOCs: Exploring Classroom-Based Self-Regulated Learning Strategies at Scale

Davis, D., Chen, G., van der Zee, T., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) 2016 [Full Conference Paper] & [Presentation]

* Best Student Paper Award

  Lyon, France (September 2016)

Gauging MOOC Learners' Adherence to the Designed Learning Environment

Davis, D.Chen, G., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· Educational Data Mining Conference (EDM) 2016 [Full Conference Paper] & [Presentation]

  Raleigh, NC, USA (June 2016)

· Centre for Education & Learning: Innovation Room [Presentation]

  Rotterdam, the Netherlands (March 2016)

MOOC Learners in Social Web Platforms

Chen, G., Davis, D., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· ACM Web Science (WebSci) 2016 [Full Conference Paper]

  Hannover, Germany (May 2016)

· LWMOOCs III Workshop [Extended Abstract]

Philadelphia, PA, USA (October 2016)

On the Impact of Personality in Massive Open Online Learning

Chen, G., Davis, D., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· ACM International Conference on User Modeling , Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP) 2016 [Full Conference Paper]

  Halifax, Canada (July 2016)

Learning transfer: does it take place in moocs?

Chen, G., Davis, D., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· ACM Learning at Scale (L@S) 2016 [Full Conference Paper] 

*Best Paper Honorable Mention

  Edinburgh, Scotland (April 2016)

· LWMOOCs II Workshop [Extended Abstract] & [Presentation]

  New York, NY, USA (October 2015)

Encouraging Metacognition & Self-Regulation in MOOCs through Increased Learner Feedback

Davis, D., Chen, G., Jivet, I., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J

· LAK 2016 Workshop: Learning Analytics for Learners [Short Paper] & [Presentation]

  Edinburgh, Scotland (April 2016)


Identifying Trigger Events in MOOcs 

Davis, D., Chen, G., Hauff, C., Houben, G.J.

· GESIS 2016 [Poster Presentation]

  Cologne, Germany (December 2015)

· ICT Open 2016 [Poster Presentation]

  Amersfoort, the Netherlands (March 2016)

Capturing, Tracing, and Visualizing the Spread of Technology-Enhanced Instructional Strategies

Davis, D., Hanacek, J., Myers, A., Mulroney, S., Pennestri, S., Vovides, Y.

· EduLearn 2015 conference [Full Conference Paper]

  Barcelona, Spain (July 2015)

Mapping Student Data to the Visual Display of Online Learning Environments

Davis, D.

· Master's Thesis, 2015

  Georgetown University (May 2015)

The First Comprehensive MOOC Manifesto

Davis, D.

· STGlobal Conference 2015 [Presentation]

  Washington, DC, USA (April 2015)

Examining Learners' Cognitive Presence in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)

Vovides, Y., Youmans, T., Arthur, P., Davis, D., Ayo, Pongsajapan, R., McWilliams, M., Kruse, A.

· Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference 2015 [Workshop Paper]

  Poughkeepsie, NY, USA (March 2015)


GeorgetownX: Applying an Integrative Learning Analytics Design Approach

Vovides, Y., Davis, D., Kruse, A., Pongsajapan, R., Youmans, T., Maloney, E.

· EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference [Poster Presentation]

  Orlando, FL, USA (October 2014)